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Are your auto insurance rates going up?

If they are, you aren’t alone.  But why, you ask?

There are a variety of factors impacting rates.  First, because of the improving economy and generally reasonable gas prices, Americans are traveling by car more and going farther.  With increased miles driven come greater risks, more accidents and unfortunately, escalating premiums.

Not only is there more exposure due to more miles driven, the cost of each, individual accident is higher.  In a typical accident, according to a 2017 report from the Insurance Information Institute, several cost categories are involved.

First, the cost of treating bodily injury increases, driven by ever escalating medical costs.  As technology increases the efficiency and effectiveness of medical treatment, it also affects costs.  Not only is each injury more expensive, but the incidents are happening more frequently and at higher levels of severity.

Second, the cost of repairs is going up, due in no small part to the increased technology we drivers love so much in our cars.  Sensor equipped cars, you know the kind that self-park and warn you of encroaching traffic, are up to 5 times more expensive to repair than traditional vehicles.

Third, technology rears its ugly head in the form of technology related driver distraction.  Text messages, emails and phone calls deemed important enough to demand immediate driver attention, from the road to the device.  My own personal challenge is trying to make my blue tooth work even as I drive.  This causes me to straddle the center line more frequently than I should.

Your agents, The DeClue Brothers and our dedicated team, face, every day, the endlessly more challenging task of finding our clients the protection they need at the most reasonable cost possible.  Jon and Barb, between them, recently spent the better part of a day working on Auto Insurance for just one client.  Chris spent major portions of each day for a week finding the right life insurance deal.

Finding you the best coverage for any insurance need is what we do, no matter how long it takes.  It is unlikely that you have an insurance need the DeClue Brothers can’t handle.  Give us a call at 407-884-7843 or visit our website  We want to be your agents for all your insurance needs.